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5 reasons Social Media Marketing is a MUST for your small business

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Whether you are looking to start up a small business or take your existing business to the next level investing in social media marketing is an absolute must. Here are five key reasons why:

1. It's where all your customers reside - With over 4.8 billion people using social media worldwide, it is no secret that social media has taken over the population. No one is watching TV anymore. Instead, they are on apps like Youtube, Facebook and the preeminent Instagram. Global Digital Insights show that with just Instagram story advertisements alone, your business has the potential to reach a whopping 1.7 billion people.

2. Brand awareness – Unlike traditional media services such as radio and television, social media allows you to be more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. For example, you can gain insights into which posts attracted the most customers and, therefore, what your consumers like. Another benefit is that you can specifically target the audience you want to reach.

With apps like Facebook, you can choose precisely which country, gender and even age range you want to reach. This is hugely beneficial for the success of your small business as you can target people who will be interested in your products or service.

3. Social proof - Evidence from comments or followers provides social proof to customers that your products/service is excellent or reliable. Therefore encourages people to use or purchase from your business. The more followers you gain, the more appealing your company looks and becomes. Alternatively, without having an online reputation, people will automatically assume you are not a reputable company and be reluctant to trust your business. Not a good look

4. The new referral system - Investing in Social Media makes it much easier and faster for you to get customers. If people have friends or family, they can simply share your business page via a tweet, an Instagram direct message or even tag them on your posts.

5. If you don't invest, your competitors certainly will - The reality is Social Media Marketing is what everyone uses to increase the popularity of their business. If your competitor's company is prevalent on social media and yours ain't, well, say goodbye to your potential customers.

Investing in social media marketing is pivotal in the development and success of any small business. Don't get left out!

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