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Case Study: Launching Gracie Barra Twickenham

In 2022, the idea for Gracie Barra Twickenham was born from the shared passion of Professors Chico and Raphael, with a vision to build a thriving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community in the heart of Twickenham, London. Their journey to establish a new GB school was an inspiring tale of determination and effective marketing strategies with the help of our agency, Bora Digital.

A person stretching their legs  on a blue jiu-jitsu mat next to the Gracie Barra Twickenham logo

Challenges and the Road to Success

The initial goal was to follow a two-month pre-launch strategy, but setbacks with the chosen space led to an extended five-month pre-launch period. This extra time proved to be a blessing in disguise, allowing for more comprehensive public build-up.

Challenges included capturing the interest of the local community, attracting BJJ enthusiasts to choose GB Twickenham as their new training hub, and managing expectations during the extended pre-launch phase.

Professor Raphael and Professor Chico demonstrating a Jiu-Jitsu move to 3 other students. They are right in front of the Gracie Barra Twickenham logo

Marketing Strategies

In May 2023, online ads and Instagram posts began the mission of creating awareness and excitement for the upcoming Gracie Barra Twickenham school. The goal was twofold: engage the local community and attract new members.

Strategies fueled by content production are the cornerstone of building vibrant online communities. Through compelling content, we connect, engage, and cultivate digital realms where ideas and experiences flourish together, enriching the marketing landscape with shared wisdom and collective growth."

Rhaissa Simões, Creative Director

at Bora Digital.

Online Ads: Informative video ads were created to outline the benefits of becoming a Founding Member, highlighting the long-term value of this exclusive offer.

Instagram Posts: A robust content strategy involved daily Instagram posts to educate, engage, and build a supportive online community. These included videos of instructors competing, instructional content, collaborations with fellow BJJ practitioners and digital content giving information about the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Email Marketing Campaigns: As the opening date neared, email marketing campaigns were initiated. These campaigns played a pivotal role in informing subscribers about the Founding Member deadlines, creating a sense of urgency to close their deals promptly and benefit from exclusive offers.

Key Results

Impressive Reach and Engagement: The campaign achieved an extraordinary outreach, engaging over 306,000 individuals. The high number of impressions (1,251,833) indicated strong audience interest.

High Click-Through Rate: The campaigns had a significant click-through rate (CTR), generating 14,977 clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content.

Effective Lead Generation: The campaigns successfully generated 1,047 leads, with a competitive cost per lead, ensuring a solid ROI.

Founding Memberships: A remarkable 92 Founding Members, between kids and adults, enrolled before the soft opening, showing a dedicated and supportive community base.


Gracie Barra Twickenham's Launching Campaign success can be attributed to the use of effective marketing strategies and delivery of high quality content. The overall strategy enhanced the school's online presence and contributed significantly to the community-building approach. It was due to these efforts that the school could establish itself as a thriving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hub even before officially opening its doors.

In addition, the strategic use of email marketing campaigns played a significant role in the success of conversions. These campaigns created a sense of urgency and encouraged swift decision-making, resulting in an impressive sell-out of the first Founding Member open cart for Platinum members, securing over 25 paying members within less than one hour after launch.

“Bora Digital showed remarkable efficiency in executing their services for us. Their digital marketing expertise, from designing captivating online ads to implementing email campaigns, played a pivotal role in the success of our pre-launch and public build-up strategies. Their ability to optimise our online presence, drive lead generation, and engage with our community significantly contributed to our school's early achievements.”

Professor Francisco Reis, Head Instructor & School Owner at GB Twickenham

A line-up  of Gracie Barra Twickenham's first students in front of a blue wall during GB Twickenham's Inaugural Class

This case study serves as an inspiration for other Martial Arts Schools, highlighting the vital role of well-executed marketing strategies, including content marketing, community-building, and email marketing to build a successful community. Gracie Barra Twickenham and Bora Digital have demonstrated that, with dedication and creativity, it's possible to make a significant impact in local communities.


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